Step-by-Step Online Video Training Courses


In this intensive 6-lesson online course, you learn how to use your smartphone to make quality videos from beginning to end. The course is taught by Aileen O’Meara, an award-winning TV journalist, who covers topics such as story-planning, recommended equipment, Apps, and more. Learn at your own pace through detailed videos and practical exercises.

Hands-On Video Training Workshops


Our workshops allow you to work with Aileen O’Meara, an award winning journalist, in our one-day intensive practical workshops. Aileen will teach you how to make quality videos on smartphones, covering everything from recording and trimming on your phone, to uploading and editing in YouTube. Workshops include detailed handouts, small numbers and continued resources.

Personalized Video Training


If you don’t have time to attend a workshop, Aileen O’Meara can come to you! Receive one-on-one and small group training in person to learn about video presentation techniques, YouTube channel creation and management, vlogging and more.

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